Our mission is to enable Oxford’s scientists and entrepreneurs to build the companies that solve the world’s most important problems.

Oxford Sciences Innovation is a leading science and technology business. We ensure Oxford’s world-leading science moves out of the laboratory and onto the global stage. In partnership with the University of Oxford, OSI creates fundamental technology companies, built on science. We match scientists with experienced entrepreneurs and patient capital to turn idea to impact, discovery to company.



Professor Adrian Hill is the Director of the Jenner Institute at @UniofOxford and the co-founder of @VaccitechLtd. He sat down with GV's @thulme to reveal the backstory behind the @AstraZeneca @UniofOxford vaccine – http://gv.com/news/vaccitech-adrian-hill-covid-19-vaccine/

Congratulations to our portfolio company @refeynit on the closure of their Series A funding round. This amazing team are developing mass photometry technologies - weighing molecules with light. Read more: https://bit.ly/2KxGNqk

The Backstory: @VaccitechLtd and its role in co-inventing the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine. Read our blog to learn about the groundbreaking science and research that enabled Oxford scientists to create a safe and effective vaccine in months rather than years: https://bit.ly/370ydYP

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