Starting with the world’s best science,
we build world-changing businesses.

Since 2015, we have worked with over 200 of Oxford’s leading academics to build a portfolio of more than 100 companies, worth over $2 billion, all based on Oxford science.

From the Oxford-vaccine to breakthroughs in quantum computing, nuclear fusion and advanced medical diagnostics, our companies all have the potential to positively impact lives on a global scale.

Scientific breakthroughs can solve the world’s toughest problems, from infectious diseases to natural resource shortages and rapid climate change, but only when they make it out of the lab.

We build world-changing businesses, bringing Oxford science to the world faster.



Today we're proud to announce that Navenio has won Government funding for our Hospital Workforce #AI Platform. @NHSX has backed 38 companies as part of its AI in Health and Care Award. Read more here: #NHSAILab

We are thrilled to be one of the winners in Round 2 of the @AACinnovation @NHSX @NIHRresearch #AIAward, receiving funding to deploy our CaRi-Heart technology through the #NHSAILab.

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