Our mission is to enable scientists and entrepreneurs to build the companies that solve the world’s toughest problems.

In partnership with the University of Oxford, OSI invests in fundamental technology companies, built on science. We match Oxford’s scientists with experienced entrepreneurs to turn idea to impact, discovery to company.



Quantum computing will open up a world of possibilities, from new medicines to working out how plants grow. We sat down with @IlanaWisby, CEO @OxfordQCircuits, to find out about superconducting & Oxford's role in the mission to create a quantum computer 👉

Vaccitech's investment highlights and involvement in the Oxford #COVID19 vaccine reported in the @WSJ


Looking at a genetic study as a 1D sequence of letters is like taking a video, lining up all the pixels from every frame in a single row and trying to figure out what the movie was. To truly understand the #genome, we need to view it in 3D: the nucleome 🧬🧬 [1/2]

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