Leadership Accelerator Day


Horizon37 is a leadership coaching company specialising in rapid-growth businesses and leaders who want to make a huge impact in the world.

Horizon37 defines leadership as generating positive results through other people. And they are obsessed with it.

As an ambitious leader of rapid-growth companies, you need to thrive amongst all the challenge, change and adversity you are facing.
In the Leadership Accelerator Day, with your Horizon37 coaches you will consider:

  • What is possible for my business when I bring my best, unique contribution as a leader?
  • What could get in the way of me fulfilling my potential as a leader?
  • What version of myself – as a leader – will allow me to achieve the results that matter most to me and my business?
  • How can I unleash my best leadership performance – in any scenario, at any time?
  • What is our clear purpose?
  • How will we achieve it, and who should do what?
  • How can the team align, play to strengths, and work together effectively?

Who should attend?

  • You are highly ambitious, and your business has a huge potential to grow in the next 12 months
  • Your leadership could make or break your business performance
  • You value leadership and want to be good at it
  • You are comfortable with not knowing everything
  • You want to do leadership “your way”, rather than a cookie-cutter/formulaic approach
  • Outcomes

    By the time you leave, you can expect to:

    • Create a clear and inspiring ambition for what you will achieve as a leader.
    • Identify what is and isn’t working right now in your leadership – and what is needed instead.
    • Identify how others currently perceive you (your current leadership brand), and start the process of disassociation from unhelpful aspects of it.
    • Create purpose, discover strengths, and explore what people count on you for as a leader.
    • Choose a clear and motivating “My Leader Self” and prepare to live into it immediately.
    • Articulate your vision with sufficient, unambiguous detail to achieve it.
    • Diagnose drivers of team performance and define what is needed to deliver the vision.
    • Analyse team strengths and gaps Identify potential de-railers of effective team/organisation performance.
    • Transition from “doer” to “leader” using effective techniques for delegation, empowerment and accountability

    About Horizon37

    A message from your Horizon37 Coaching Team:

    We are passionate about making a positive difference to game-changers like you – and, in turn, to the people around you, to the communities you serve, and to the businesses you have created. During the time we work together, your mission becomes our mission. That is why we tailor everything we do to your unique needs – because we know each leadership journey is different. You will leave your OSI Frontiers workshop on Leadership with us, with the new leadership mindsets, techniques, habits and action-plans you need to deliver business results.

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