Latest news, press releases, articles and announcements.>PNOgLPpE7GMVSL8Hsxm51o8KNsUhAQOZgogQv80aqNe1d7nVxP8GonwPdG4LSjhavUvn1 Awesome to see @UniofOxford is one of the top worldwide performers for their spinouts in the latest 2013-2017 data report from @GUVenturing - let's aim to be #1 by next year! #Oxfordtech On the 13th of June @OxUInnovation will be showcasing some of the latest medical innovations from @UniofOxford - make sure to save the date! #Oxfordtech

Fantastic to see Oxford startup @FLFusion in the @TheEngineerUK - The article provides a great explanation of how fusion can produce large quantities of clean energy and describes how @FLFusion intends to be the first company to utilise this technology

The LAB drug discovery partnerships, started between @UniofOxford @Evotec and @OSI_Updates as LAB282, gains another sibling LAB591, this time between Evotec, @arixbioscience and @fredhutch. Welcome! #StartedInOxford

Excited to hear of the launch of a sister project to LAB282, following the partnership of Evotec, @arixbioscience and @fredhutch to form LAB591 with the purpose of accelerating the development of cancer and infectious disease drugs #Oxfordtech #Spinout

Great to see #Oxford on the list of 10 hottest #Biotech hubs in Europe, by @Labiotech_eu. I'm sure @MiltonPark and @Immunocore have contributed to that!

Congratulations to Nightstar Therapeutics and @OxUInnovation for winning the 'Exit of the Year' award from @GUVenturing #Oxfordtech

Diamond security spinout @OpsydiaLtd officially launches with De Beers deal and £1.9m seed, courtesy of @OSI_Updates and @ParkwalkAdvisor

Tiny and brilliant #technology #innovation #diamonds #spinout #engineering #OxfordUniversity laser marking < 1/50th of a human hair improves security + proves quality/provenance of stones. @lightboxjewelry @OSI_Updates

De Beers to sell jewellery made from synthetic diamonds for first time (marked by Opsydia, @OSI_Updates spin-out) 💍💍💍 via @telebusiness

Congratulations to @OpsydiaLtd for being selected by @DeBeers as the partnering company to identify LGD jewellery through the use of their unique laser marking technology #Oxfordtech #Startup #Spinout

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