Since our first investment in November 2015, we’ve been helping Oxford scientists address the world’s leading challenges, from infectious disease to sustainable energy.

Chemical & Industrial


In-silico development of enzymes for pharma.


Ubiquitous wireless power transfer


Designing adaptive laser marking facilities for security and authentication purposes.

Oxford Flow

Innovations in flow control for water, oil & gas and process industries.

Oxmet Technologies

Bespoke alloys designed, licensed and manufactured.


Extreme environment proximity sensors and fluid contamination systems.

MoA Technology

A plant genetics company.

Digital Tech & Computation


AI for code.


Privacy-preserving media content personalisation

Mind Foundry

Machine learning superpowers for business analysts.

Latent Logic

AI-powered virtual humans for the simulations used to develop and test self-driving cars

Bodle Technologies

Reflective display technology for rich colour, low power, video-capable displays.


Transforming efficiency through world-class indoor location science


An eTextbook platform providing students and institutions with access to all their content on any device and at any time.

Oxford Quantum Circuits

Building a quantum computer based upon a superconducting circuit approach to forming qubits.

AR Cloud platform with depth, occlusion and physics

Oxford Semantic Technologies

High performance knowledge graph and semantic reasoning engine


Custom fitted 3D-printed head protection with outstanding comfort and performance.

Quantum Motion

Silicon for Quantum.


A new bottom line for responsible investors.


Visual data exploration for everyone, everywhere.


Post Quantum Cryptography.

Energy, Transportation & Defence


Developing novel methods for moving heat on scales large and small to tackle the world's most pressing environmental problems.


Domestic hot water cylinder innovations and demand-side response technology.

Animal Dynamics

Bio-inspired super-efficient autonomous drones.

First Light Fusion

Exploring energy generation by inertial confinement fusion.



Artificial Intelligence for human wellbeing.

ONI (Oxford Nanoimaging)

Bringing the most advanced fluorescence microscopy methods to a whole new community of researchers.

Xerion Healthcare

Developing nanoparticles to enhance radiotherapy treatment


Creating novel vaccines that elicit strong responses from helper and cytotoxic T-cells.


Harnessing viruses to combat disease.

Oxford VR

VR for mental health.


‘Supergluing’ antigens to virus-like particles to make powerful vaccines.

Scenic Biotech

A revolutionary genetics approach that can unearth a totally new kind of drug target for a great variety of diseases.


PepGen's innovate drug delivery platform: empowering precision medicines to go the distance.


Drug discovery company developing small molecule drugs that can activate repair mechanisms that already exist within the body.

Oxford Enhanced Medical

Getting MRI-like information from an ultrasound scan


Intelligent tissue expansion.

Oxford Endovascular

Next-generation medical devices for neurovascular disease.

Osler Diagnostics

A ground-breaking handheld diagnostic for testing a vast range of biomarkers, from a pinprick of blood, in <10 mins, for only a few dollars.

Orbit Discovery

Peptide display company identifying potential peptide drugs for a range of chronic diseases.

Omass Technologies

Deciphering the interactions of drugs with membrane proteins using Native Mass Spectrometry

Iota Sciences

Innovating cell biology by developing fluid-shaping technologies.


World's most accurate cardiovascular diagnostic tools.

Evox Therapeutics

Harnessing and engineering the natural delivery capabilities of extracellular vesicles to develop an entirely novel class of biotherapeutics.

Genomics PLC

Transforming drug discovery by understanding the human wiring diagram.

DJS Antibodies

Innovative technology to discover therapeutic antibodies against currently undruggable disease targets.

Circadian Therapeutics

Drugs and devices for targeting and modulating circadian rhythms.

Arago Biosciences

Using revolutionary microscopy techniques to weigh single molecules with light.