Since our first investment in November 2015, we’ve been helping Oxford scientists address the world’s leading challenges, from infectious disease to sustainable energy.


OSI Portfolio & Covid-19

Vaccines: Rapid prototyping, manufacturing and scale up platform

Vaccitech Limited: Developing vaccines for viral pathogens by harnessing the immunotherapeutic properties of T-cells

Current funding allows the University of Oxford to support the manufacture of vaccine materials required for preclinical and phase 1 testing of a COVID-19 specific vector in collaboration with Vaccitech, which has a non-exclusive license to the technology, and Novavax.



Diagnostics: Removing the bottleneck with regards to RT-PCR reagent shortages and throughput

Oxford Nanoimaging: Extremely sensitive super-resolution microscope able to test with minimal patient sample material

ONI is supporting the global effort into research and diagnostics to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, and is directing all collaborative and R&D efforts towards this goal. ONI’S technology is capable of ultrasensitive, amplification-free detection of proteins and nucleic acids, deep phenotyping of virus-cell interactions, remote operation, after sample loading, and full functionality within biosafety cabinets.  If you have ideas about how we can support your COVID-19 research efforts, please get in touch with them at


Nucleome: World experts in molecular medicine, developing a high-throughput DNA sequencing-based assay to allow simultaneous testing of thousands of samples

Nucleome Therapeutics, together with the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM), will develop a high throughput sequencing based assay that would allow thousands of samples to be analysed for COVID-19 simultaneously


 Osler Diagnostics: Developing a portable, point-of-care diagnostic machine for pandemic detection and in-field response

Osler has developed a ‘Universal’ healthcare diagnostic – a handheld, portable device that enables accurate, rapid testing, for the majority of biomarkers, at low-cost, from only a pinprick of blood. Osler’s portable diagnostics technology has a clear future use in containing and reacting to the spread of pandemic pathogens. It could be deployed as part of the normal healthcare system for routine blood testing in point-of-care, with generic pandemic detection cartridges for identifying immune responses and classifying unknown vs. known pathogens early.



Epidemiological Tools: Machine Learning tools that allow better data analysis and decision making

MindFoundry: Automated platform allowing experts in any field to harness machine learning for decision making and response modelling

Mind Foundry’s automated machine learning tool allows rapid building and deployment of models that could help analyse, predict and identify best responses to a pandemic spread.



Managing Treatment Safety: Technologies to support safe treatment plans for COVID-19

Ultromics:  FDA-Approved AI-powered echocardiography platform to measure and assess heart strain  

Their primary product, EchoGo Core, is FDA-approved (CE Mark pending) for the automated measurement of cardiovascular findings including ejection fraction, ventricular volumes and global longitudinal strain. Currently, Chloroquine is being tested as a therapeutic against Covid-19, however, WHO research has suggested that cardiotoxicity is a key side effect.  EchoGo Core can allow consistent, reproducible and integrated measurement of global longitudinal strain that could help assess the treatments safety and efficacy.



Early Monitoring, Diagnosis: Technologies to support early monitoring and diagnosis of COVID-19

Albus Health: Measure and analyse respiratory symptoms at home with a small, non-contact, tabletop device

Albus has developed a small non-contact table-top device that automatically monitors respiratory symptoms and environmental metrics at home without the patients having to do or wear anything, ideal for monitoring during isolation, that could help identify to identify early warning signs, track progression and recovery from infection for healthcare workers, at very high risk of developing COVID-19 and for continuous remote monitoring of incidence progress for high risk individuals (elderly, chronic respiratory patients). 



Improving hospital workflow: infrastructure-free indoor location

Navenio: Smart & automated location tracking and task allocation for responders, cleaning teams, and resources in healthcare settings

Navenio are making their infrastructure-free indoor location and workforce AI solution available to hospitals which can help to address the very thing that Covid-19 is creating – much increased pressure on healthcare systems with potentially reducing available staff to help.

1715 Labs

Mobile AR Cloud platform with depth, occlusion, and physics

Albus Health

Animal Dynamics

Bio-inspired super efficient systems


Seamlessly accessible eTextbook platform for students and institutions


Artificial Intelligence for human wellbeing

Bodle Technologies

Low-power, reusable, reflective colour displays

Circadian Therapeutics

Drugs and devices for modulating circadian rhythms


Privacy-preserving media content personalisation


AI for code

DJS Antibodies

Discovering antibodies for currently undruggable disease targets


In-silico development of enzymes for pharma

Evox Therapeutics

Engineered exosome therapeutics

First Light Fusion

Clean energy by inertial confinement fusion

Genomics PLC

Exploring DNA to transform drug discovery


3D-printed helmets with a safer internal structure

Iota Sciences

Fluid-shaping for a step-change in cell-based discovery


Ubiquitous wireless power transfer

Mind Foundry

Machine learning superpowers for business analysts


Domestic hot water cylinder technology innovations

MoA Technology

A plant genetics company


Transforming efficiency through world-class indoor location science


Novel methods of moving heat

OMass Therapeutics

Developing drugs against membrane proteins using Native Mass Spectrometry

ONI (Oxford Nanoimaging)

Desktop super-resolution microscopy


Subsurface security marking of diamonds

Orbit Discovery

Peptide discovery platform to open novel target spaces

Osler Diagnostics

Decentralised, distributed diagnostics

Oxford Endovascular

Next-generation medical devices for neurovascular disease.

Oxford Flow

Design & manufacture of pressure control equipment

Oxford Quantum Circuits

Superconducting circuits for quantum computers

Oxford Semantic Technologies

High performance knowledge graph and semantic reasoning engine

Oxford VR

Harnessing the power of VR to treat clinical mental health conditions

Oxmet Technologies

Bespoke alloys designed, licensed and manufactured


Small molecule drugs to activate the body’s repair mechanisms


Ground-breaking therapy for Myotonic Dystrophy


Post-Quantum Cryptography


Contamination and proximity sensing in extreme environments

Quantum Motion

The world’s first scalable and CMOS-compatible silicon-based quantum chip


Revolutionary microscopy to weigh single molecules with light

Scenic Biotech

A revolutionary approach to discovering new drug targets


‘Supergluing’ antigens to virus-like particles to make powerful vaccines


Harnessing viruses to combat disease.


The world's most accurate cardiovascular diagnostic tools


AI analytics for quantifying impact on people, planet and pocket


Creating novel vaccines that elicit strong responses from T-cells

Xerion Healthcare

Doubling the effectiveness of radiotherapy using nanoparticles


Visual data exploration for everyone, everywhere